Facial Mist, The DIY Way

Summer days are hot, right? Any simple relief, such as facial mist can be a real lifesaver. To make your own, try adding one or two drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a glass of water and refrigerate it for a bit. Once it’s cool, pour it into a spray bottle for a great smelling and naturally cooling sensation - it’ll become a beach trip essential.

Freshen Up Your Flats With Used Tea Bags

One of the best-kept feet secrets is placing dried-out, used tea bags in your footwear. The teabags absorb odors and even help to prolong the life of your shoes—and it’s a natural. Give it a try!

Baby Powder All The Way

Moms know the worst part about going to the beach is the sand. It gets everywhere! But what you don’t know is that talc-free baby powder actually helps dry out water, perspiration, or sunscreen that makes sand stick everywhere, letting you wipe the mess away with ease.

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