Thanks to reasonably priced, high-quality digital cameras and smartphones, it’s easier than ever to snap and share awesome summer moments.By following these simple tips, you’ll watch your photography skills blossom — and see your summertime pics and collages become truly “awww”-inspiring! 


1. Make the Sun Work For You (Summer Sun S.O.S.)

The summer sun’s bright. And with sun reflections on sea and sand, it’s even brighter to cameras, so shots come out under-exposed and dark. Here’s a tip … keep the sun over your shoulder (S.O.S.) while aiming and framing your shot, moving and changing camera angles until you find the ‘sweet spot’ with the least sun reflections. Don’t forget to say ‘Cheese!’ 


2. Use The ‘Burst Mode’ App

Summer’s filled with high energy, action-packed moments, but some cameras aren’t quite quick enough to capture them. Smartphone Tip: Burst mode lets you shoot multiple shots in quick succession for action sequences! With iPhones, hold down the shoot button for Burst mode; for Androids, use your ‘Burst Mode’ app; for SLR cameras, use the Sports setting.

Killer volleyball spikes and ginormous cannonball splashes await!

3. Shoot from Unusual Angles

Want photos that are uniquely you? Take some chances! Try shooting lying flat on the ground, kneeling, or go out on a limb (or maybe the back deck) and shoot down on the action from above.


4. Kick Back and Create a Collage

Want to show everyone what the family’s been up to? Use apps and online tools to put summer pics together into a fun collage to share—or keep it just for you! 

Try Pic Frame ($.99) or Pic Stich (Free) to artfully combine photos right in your phone, or use an online app like Fotor to create cool summer collages on your desktop computer.

5. Get Your Photo Mojo Working

Visit Photojojo! for truly unique gifts & gear for photographers of all kinds. Now you’re clicking!

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