Ever wonder why locally grown food’s healthier and tastes better? Local Farmers’ Market produce is picked at the peak of freshness, ripeness and nutrition and generally available within 24 hours of harvest (instead of harvested early to be shipped and distributed miles and miles away). 

Have you heard about CSAs? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By purchasing a share in a local farm for a year, you enjoy the benefits of fresh produce weekly or monthly, and the farmer appreciates the financial benefits of your membership all season too. It’s a win-win for families and farmers!

Other good reasons to join a CSA:

  • Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows your food and learn more about how food is grown
  • Enjoy a visit to the farm at least once a season — take the family!
  • Support community farms—your membership money stays local
  • Protect the environment—CSA farms typically follow greener farming methods because they grow many types of fruits and vegetables (rather than a single crop like large industrial/corporate farms), supporting a more balanced ecosystem

 Sound good? Find a CSA in your area online at Local Harvest. 

Already a CSA member? Give a shout-out to your fave farm in a comment.

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