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Nutrition Tips for Healthier, Safe Summer Skin

Summer means fun in the sun! Protect yourself and your family from the risks of skin cancer. Definitely apply the SPF lotion liberally and frequently. But did you know that what you eat can help protect your skin from the sun and help heal sun-damaged skin? Here’s some food for thought on sun-ray protection.


With more vitamin C than oranges (yep, it’s true), this juicy antioxidant protects and treats sun damage to your skin by increasing its self-repairing fibroblasts. Plus they’re the perfect fruit for summer desserts!


These summertime faves are packed with lycopene, a natural sun block! For maximum potency and flavor, pick them up at a local farmers market. For a quick and easy light lunch, slice and toss them with fat-free feta, olive oil, and basil.


Their omega-3 fatty acids (‘healthy’ fats) help soothe sunburns and pamper skin cells with nourishing moisture that prevents wrinkles and dryness. Delicious on everything!


It's hard to ‘beet’ beets’ antioxidants and flavonoids for reviving dull skin and promoting renewal and repair after a day in the sun. Simple! Just like this salad: arugula, beets, avocado, a little goat cheese, and some walnuts. Yum!

Chia Seeds

Is this the new super food superstar? Could be. Not only do they provide lots of fiber, chia seeds are great for your skin because they’re packed with antioxidants and omega-3s. Mix them with coconut milk and chill overnight in the fridge, then add fresh fruit for a summery take on your morning oatmeal. Enjoy!   


Containing a powerful combo of antioxidants and vitamin C that protects your skin from the sun, raspberries are a super sweet ‘n easy healthy snack. Personally, I like to spread organic peanut or almond butter on a whole-grain muffin and add fresh raspberries on top instead of jelly, mmm!

Protect your skin and keep it looking beautiful for years to come, from the outside and the inside, by eating these foods all summer long!

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