"Mommy, don't go!!!" Oh the tears, the clinging to our legs, the pleading … the guilt! Transitioning from your lazy hazy summer to back-to-school at any age doesn’t have to be total drama. Try these Top 5 Easing Separation Anxiety Techniques, they’ll help!

1. Make it a gradual transition if you can. Younger kids adjust better when they can make changes in small steps. Attend for two hours with your child, leaving together at first, and then over time decreasing the amount of time you're there until a simple drop off goes tear-free ‘n easy.

2. Don't sneak out! Be open about your good-bye.

3. Create a farewell ritual. It can be as simple as a hug and kiss or a squeeze of the hand. Your child will learn “this is how we say good-bye” and that you'll be back. 

4. Minimize stress before school starts. This is especially important for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Plan summer vacations so that they're not ending right as a new school year begins. Leave some time to create a calming environment as the first day of school approaches. Take deep breaths!

5. Monitor your own emotional cues. If you're anxious, your child may pick up on that vibe and become anxious too. So put on a smile and keep going … back-to-school!

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