Heather Bauer is a nationally recognized Registered Dietician and mother of three kids who has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, The Talk, Access Hollywood Live, and The Tyra Banks Show.

Halloween is traditionally filled with not-so-good-for-you treats that kids (and maybe parents too?) just can’t get enough of. But it is possible to throw a great, kid-appealing, adult-approved Halloween party without compromising healthy nutrition totally. Just make your treats HEALTHY and FUN! Here are some ideas to try.

Pumpkin Fruit Kabob

Get the kids together to paint spooky or cute faces on their pumpkins. Then skewer some fruit onto wooden sticks to make your fruit kabobs. You can even sprinkle in some dark chocolate covered pieces for an extra sweet treat. Stick the skewers into the top of the pumpkin and you’ll have an edible-head to display! You can also carve out a mouth and have fruit spilling out to make it more like a pumpkin “monster.” 

Boo!nana Pops

Cut bananas in half lengthwise and half again so one side is flat. Insert a popsicle stick into each quarter and freeze on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, melt white chocolate in a cup and dip each banana pop into the white chocolate, scraping off the excess chocolate on the side of the bowl. Add dark chocolate chips to make eyes (quickly, before the chocolate hardens!). Place back on wax paper-lined cookie sheet and freeze again. Enjoy your scary banana ghosts!

Veggie Straw Skeleton

On a large, flat platter, have the kids help arrange Good Health Veggie Straws into a skeleton shape. Where the head should be, put a bowl of healthy veggie dip, made with nonfat Greek yogurt and onion soup mix. As the party progresses, your skeleton will start missing more and more body parts!

Healthier Treats

Look for candy and chocolate made with organic, better-for-you ingredients such as pure dark chocolate and no scary high fructose corn syrup.

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