To host a delicious and memorable Thanksgiving feast, you need a good plan! Here are some valuable plan-ahead tips to make your special day as stress-less as possible, even with those ‘certain relatives’. Here’s how:

 Things To Do Today

  • Make A Guest List, so you know how much food to make.
  • Order Your Bird, turkeys fly off grocer's and grower's shelves quickly.
  • Make Your Pie Crusts, seal each in its own bag and freeze ‘em. You’ll have delish homemade crusts to defrost in the fridge overnight — and less pie-making stress! 
  • Line Up Linens, Serving Dishes & Decorations, are you all ready to set your table? If not, buy what you need now while holiday inventories are bountiful.

2 to 3 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

  • Line Up Sides From Guests, less work for you, still delicious. 

Thanksgiving Week

  • Clean The House, a good assignment for hubby ‑ trade him football in the La-Z-Boy on turkey day for a whole house cleaning!
  • Assemble Your Tools, roasting pan, cutting board, carving knife, washed and ready.
  • Write Out Your Menu/Make Grocery List, be comprehensive — include what guests are bringing, then buy what’s missing.

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

  • Grocery Shop (be sure to visit your local farmer’s market for fresh vegetables!) and organize your fridge.
  • Move Frozen/Prepped Items from freezer to fridge, including pie crusts, turkey stock, and gravy … and … prep the bird!
  • Chill Wine, in fridge or anywhere cold like the garage or back deck.

Thanksgiving Eve

  • Order Pizza
  • Chop, Slice & Dice Garnishes & Ingredients, put in baggies and store in fridge. 
  • Sauté Stuffing Ingredients, celery, onions, sausage, etc. — cool, bag and store in fridge.
  • Finish Making Pies, using your previously, ingeniously frozen crusts.
  • Set Your Dining Table(s), a perfect way to wind down the day.

On Thanksgiving day, enjoy your celebration and your kiddos!

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