If “getting more exercise” is a New Year’s Resolution of yours (and we bet’cha it is, right?), you don’t need to join a gym and pay monthly membership fees. Keep that cash for shopping sprees. Work out at home where you may feel more comfortable anyway. Go ahead and blast the music you like or even watch TV. No more excuses. Here are some great exercises you can do at home without pricey equipment or sweaty New Year’s Resolution Workout Crowds to deal with.

Walk The Walk
Get outside and enjoy the scenery while you walk, briskly. If the weather’s icky, stay inside and climb a flight of stairs a few times. Want some clever weight resistance? Carry a loaded laundry basket as you’re climbing and mastering those stairs. Feel your legs toning up as you’re getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well.
Count the calories you’re burning while walking

Jumping Jacks
These are always fun to do and they bring back fun memories of being a kid. But jumping jacks aren’t just kid stuff. They’re really great cardio exercises and wonderful for warming up before a walk. 

These may not be your favorite, but try doing pushups while on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight. Or do them standing up against a wall. You’ll still be building up arm strength (and tone) and working out muscles in your chest area, but making the exercise itself easier. 

For a pretty basic isometric exercise, planks strengthen your entire body—they make your core pop, strengthen your lower back, and build your shoulders. Give ‘em a try. 

Leg Raises
Great for building muscles and strength in your legs.  Lay flat on your back, keep your legs straight, and lift ‘em as high as you can and repeat. Too hard? No problem. Try bending your legs slightly until you find the perfect angle for you. 

Arguably one of the best exercises for strengthening and tightening tummy muscles.  If you can feel some stretching of the muscles, you will see some results. 

Jogging In Place
Jogging is a great heart-healthy exercise. Jog in place while watching TV or listening to music.  The only “gear” you’ll need is a decent pair of running shoes to avoid stressing your feet and legs.

Just wondrous exercises for your legs and buttocks. As a variation, you can do these simply by sitting down and standing up again from a regular chair, if you find the video version too difficult. Either way, even with just a few repetitions, you will feel and eventually see some benefit.

Light Weight Lifting
Nope, no need to buy weights. Just look around your house … lift two cans of peas, two gallons of milk, laundry detergent bottles, even water jugs will do the trick.

Dancing can be serious exercise and great for your heart. It can also lift your spirits and give your overall sense of well-being a big boost. 

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