Spring cleaning can involve a top-to-bottom refreshing of every square inch of a home. Families spend a whole week removing, cleaning, and replacing stuff, house-wide, to create that spring-fresh thing. Spring cleaning doesn't necessarily have to be this rigorous; there are some tasks that probably really do need to be done every spring. And they’re not all that bad, have a look.

#1. Stowing Away Winter Wear
When Spring arrives, it's time to pack up sweaters, coats, and other cold weather garb. To keep your clothing in the best possible shape for next winter, clean first if needed, then find a cool, dark, and dry storage space.

#2. Appliances Check-Up
We expect our appliances to perform flawlessly, every time, and literally at the flip of a switch, but sadly, appliance ‘TLC’ tends to get routinely neglected. So every spring is a great time to inspect your major appliances for wear ‘n tear. Refrigerator coils? Vacuum them. Also clean out the drain pan. Dryer vents? Get that accumulated lint out of there. Oven? Get the gunk gone. Dishwashers, disposals, washing machines, look closely, you’d be surprised! For heating and cooling units, give the pros an annual spring call.

#3. Cutting The Clutter
Spring is the perfect time to eliminate the clutter around your home. Try the 4-Corner Box Method— put 4 boxes in each corner of a room and mark them 1) Stuff To Keep, 2) Stuff To Sell, 3) Stuff to Give Away, 4) Stuff to Throw Away … and you’ll be amazed how much clutter gets cut! 

#4.  Garage Purging
We know, it’s daunting out there, but chances are your garage could use some “weight loss” this spring and you could use the newfound extra storage space year-round. Take advantage of the nicer weather to remove items from your garage and send them on their way. Use rewards to bribe your family into helping out.

#5.  Patios & Decks & Outdoor Zones
Spring is unexpected entertaining season so don’t get caught unprepared. Clean your patio and outdoor furniture. Do some basic landscaping repairs on the lawn, shrubbery, and plants. Exterior doors and windows may need some sprucing up. Check the fence for needed repairs. Lawn prep maintenance and/or pest prevention may also need to be performed as well. Working outside lets you enjoy the Spring.

#6. Window Treatments
Do windows in spring. Wash blinds and windows, send drapes to the cleaners, or throw washable curtains into the washing machine. There’s really nothing quite like the brightening up of an entire room, or entire floor, that happens when you get your windows and window treatments sparkly clean again after a long winter.

#7.  Beds ‘N Beyond
Even with mattress covers and all our bedding, mattresses need to be inspected and cleaned, and usually, flipped. So eyeball your mattress pads, pillow covers, and all your bedding for possible repairs or replacement. You’ll sleep better. Zzzz.

#8.  Ceiling Fans
Go ahead, look up, it only takes a few minutes to spring clean the ceiling fans in your home and an entire season of dust and buildup will be gone so you can breathe easier and healthier. 

#9.  Outdoor Grill
It’s soon going to be time to fire up your outdoor grill. But before you start humbly accepting raves for your famously delectable delights, remember that your grill has spent the long hard winter … just sitting there … in sullen silence. So give it a reviving wake-up cleanup & tune-up and then get cookin’, good lookin’.

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