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Firecracker POPcorn!

Looking for a way to add more sparkle to your Fourth of July festivities? This Firecracker Popcorn has just the right amount of sweet, salty, and fizz! It’s a really fun and easy snack to serve.


1 Bag Good Health® Half Naked® Popcorn

1 Cup White Candy Melts

1 Package Strawberry Pop Rocks Candy

1 Package Blue Sprinkles


Spread popcorn onto a cookie sheet. Melt the candy melts and drizzle onto the popcorn. Sprinkle Strawberry Pop Rocks onto the popcorn (if you want some extra sizzle, use Blue Pop Rocks, too) Add sprinkles and allow them to harden completely.

The Pop Rocks add an interesting texture to the popcorn, and the sweetness of the candy melts is a nice contrast to the popcorn. Super fun! Serve at your patriotic party and have a blast.

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