Free of hydrogenated oils, added preservatives, trans fat and artificial colors, Good Health’s tasty new pretzels are a delicious way to indulge in some of America’s traditional favorite snack varieties without being weighed down by guilt. Using better-for-you ingredients like whole grains and Extra Goodness!™, Good Health’s new products include:

  • Veggie Pretzels – thick pretzel sticks baked to perfection that contain Extra Goodness!™, and are sprinkled with Himalayan salt renowned for its health benefits and high mineral content.
  • Gluten Free Pretzels – Certified Gluten Free pretzel twists made with Extra Goodness!™, whole grain brown rice flour, bamboo plant fiber and added vitamins that create a satisfying salty, crunchy bite.

Debuting in July, these delicious pretzels join our family of products that are filled with Extra Goodness™ and Better-For-You ingredients. Enjoy a crunchy munch!

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