New! Gluten Free Pretzels & Veggie Pretzels

Free of hydrogenated oils, added preservatives, trans fat and artificial colors, Good Health’s tasty new pretzels are a delicious way to indulge in some of America’s traditional favorite snack varieties without being weighed down by guilt. Using better-for-you ingredients like whole grains and Extra Goodness!™, Good Health’s new products include:

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Better-For-You Snack: Popcorn

Do you crave a big bucket of popcorn when you go to the movies?  How about at home when you fire up your DVD player or stream to watch a late night flick? As it turns out, popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat (when it’s not over-slathered with butter and excess salt) and polyphenols are the reason why.

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BBQ Pairings

This Memorial Weekend BBQ, you’ll be sizzling and your guests will be raving, when you serve these uniquely different ‘n delicious pairings.

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Good Ingredients

Better-For-You snacks for National Nutrition Month (March) and all year round.  Sliced thick, then kettle-cooked in small batches for a captivating crunch.

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Sweet ‘N Spicy Snacks You’ll L-O-V-E

Add some sweetness and spice to your snack life! With each sweetly spicy and satisfying bite, these are the perfect any-time snacks when you want to kick back, relax and ... Enjoy Being Good!®

A Light Snack You’ll Love to Gobble-Gobble

Over-stuffed with turkey? Looking for something light and popped to perfection? Try our Popped Crisps™! Not baked, not fried, these temptingly tasty creations are everything you'd want in a crispy, crunchy snack. In Sea Salt, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, Zesty Ranch, Kettle Corn, and White Cheddar flavors!

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Crunchy & Delicious Snack for Change of Season!

Made with 100% delicious Washington State red apples, our Original and Cinnamon Apple Chips are very low in sodium and a good source of Vitamin C! Sliced thin and cooked to a golden crisp. With a sweet and satisfying crunch, they're the perfect better-for-you snack when you want to kick back and relax, watch the season change, and Enjoy Being Good™ deliciously!

Sweet Snacks They’ll Rave About

Give your end of summer grillin’ guests a tasty thrill with a crunchy, delicious, and better-for-you snack. Our thick sliced, kettle-cooked Sea Salt Sweet Potato Chips and our smokier & spicier Sweet Chipotle Chips are both made from sweet potatoes—one of nature's best sources of beta-carotene. Recent studies have shown that sweet potatoes raise our blood levels of vitamins A and C, too.







Looking for your Snack Soulmate?

If it’s a deeply satisfying, long-term snack relationship you yearn for, you can’t go wrong with any of our crispy, crunchy Good Health Kettle Chip varieties. Which of the three will you give your red rose (and heart) to?

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Grab Goodness Whenever You Can

Sound profound? It’s actually pretty simple. Sometimes the way to make life a little bit better is as easy as taking a detour on the way home to see the wildflowers, snuggling an extra minute or two with the kids before bedtime, taking the time to find the perfect nail polish to tie your outfit together.

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