Green Back-To-School Shopping & Saving Tips

The days have gotten shorter and cooler (sigh) and that means back-to-school season is here. And while it’s always bittersweet adjusting from end of summer fun to back-to-school — let’s not forget to keep the environment in mind while back-to-school shopping. These tips make it easier and a bit greener.

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Enjoy Being Good, Support Local Farms

Ever wonder why locally grown food’s healthier and tastes better? Local Farmers’ Market produce is picked at the peak of freshness, ripeness and nutrition and generally available within 24 hours of harvest (instead of harvested early to be shipped and distributed miles and miles away). 

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The Good, the Bad, and the BEST of Produce

Yes, you can pick Farmers Market Produce like a pro

Have you ever seen someone choosing produce—sniffing, probing, and gingerly flipping things over so professionally—and asked yourself…"What do they know that I don’t know?” Here are some of their secrets:

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